We are a nonprofit charity organization founded for the purposes of bringing aid, empowerment and sustainable development through global partnerships to African nations like Nigeria where poverty has remained stubbornly high for decades.

We serve as a bridge to reach the deepest poverty stricken areas in rural communities, to provide healthcare, education, food, clothing, shelter and better living conditions. We also provide and support development programs geared towards uplifting individuals and communities to become independent and positively influence the growth of their nation.


  1. Our Primary focus is on the health and wellness of the people. We plan to establish diagnostic centers and mini clinical outlets in urban and rural communities to promote preventive medicine and a more proactive approach to healthcare. We also carry out medical outreach programs, where healthcare solutions and medical support are provided as well as educational tips on wellness.
  2. We also focus on providing the children with educational scholarships and the right environment to thrive; with the hope that someday, they will  become the future leaders of their communities.
  3. We empower and train the men, women and youth in different working fields including but not limited to trade, tailoring, farming (agriculture), cleaning, carpentry, electrical and mechanical repairs, plumbing etc. and also help them gain employment in their different areas on interest through our local partners with the aim of alleviating poverty and boosting their economic growth.
  4. Finally, we support and carry out Entrepreneurship Development Training (EDT) Programs aimed at enhancing business ideas and guiding qualified candidates through the process of sourcing funds (loans and grants) for the development of their businesses from existing programs that encourage startups and establish entrepreneurs.


To successfully achieve all these and more, we implore everyone to get involved, either by volunteering and/or donating to a cause, partnering, subscribing, supporting etc.; all hands should be on deck including global leaders, charitable and corporate organizations, governments and locals to help break this increasing cycle of  poverty across certain communities and instill hope for a better future.

To uphold your credence in us, we intend to remain trustworthy and maintain our integrity by staying accountable and transparent to our supporters, partners, donors and beneficiaries.