According to the latest poverty report by the national bureau of statistics (NBS), about 112 million Nigerians (representing 67.1% of the country’s total population) live below the poverty level. This means that more than 60% of Nigerians live below $1 (one dollar) a day and according to the estimates in Feb, 2018 from African Development Bank (AfDP), 80% of Nigerians, which translates to 152 million Nigerians live on less than $2 a day… which is unacceptably high.

In the bid to help alleviate and break the cycle of poverty, Feed the Nation initiative was created to help reduce hunger amongst the poorest of the poor in local communities. For certain families, surviving the day seems to be their only hope; for these families we provide a fighting chance, the ability to see beyond the day, to live and hope for tomorrow.


Our Plan:

  • Food is Donated
    Receive food donations or cash donations towards the purchase of perishable and non-perishable in-date foods and provisions from local and international charity organizations, businesses, schools, individuals, supermarkets, restaurants, etc
  • Food is sorted and packaged
    Volunteers sort the donated food to confirm its in-date before packaging it for delivery. Food and provisions close to expiry are either quickly distributed or immediately cooked and served to nearby communities in need
  • Individuals and Communities are Identified
    Our team of professionals, partners (health and social workers, NEMA, local authorities, churches, charity organizations, etc) and surveys identify individuals and communities in desperate need of food or in crisis .
  • Food is Delivered
    After the individuals and communities have been identified, we quickly plan an outreach program where these packaged foods are delivered. We also use the opportunity to ascertain their level of need/crisis for the purpose of exploring sustainable solutions for them.


We realize that stopping hunger is more than just food, but feeding a community today gives them hope for tomorrow… which is why we are partnering with local corporate and charity organizations, philanthropists and International organizations to join hands with us in reducing the level of hunger for today in a community, while we explore sustainable solutions towards breaking the poverty cycle and giving these communities and the nation a real chance at actualizing its potential.

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